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A Workshop entitled:

"Bioinformatics Analysis of Microarray Data"


Workshop title : Bioinformatics Analysis of Microarray Data.

Workshop date : Wednesday 22 March 2017.

Language : French and English.

Number of places: Limited to 16.

Workshop venue : MoBioHIC (Moroccan Bioinformatics and Health Informatics Center), ENSA Tangier.

Workshop trainers:

                           Ahmed MOUSSA                                                   Brigitte Vannier

                           Pr. Ahmed MOUSSA                                                                           Pr. Brigitte VANNIER

                             Primary Trainer                                                           Primary Trainer

          Full Professor in Bioinformatics & Data Analysis                      Associate Professor in Cell Biology 

                          ENSA Tangier, Morocco                                            University of Poitiers, France

    Ayyoub Salmi            Ismail Jamail              Sara El jadid                    Taoufik Bensellak

           Ayyoub SALMI                                  Ismail JAMAIL                                  Sara EL JADID                                 Taoufik BENSELLAK

          Co -Tranier                            Co -Trainer                            Co -Trainer                                Co -Trainer

         PhD Student                          PhD Student                         PhD Student                              PhD Student

 ENSA Tangier, Morocco            ENSA Tangier, Morocco          ENSA Tangier, Morocco                ENSA Tangier, Morocco


Workshop Overview : This workshop provides an introduction to the computational analyses of Microarray Data using a global workflow implemented with R and a demonstration in Galaxy platform. The course will also cover the different steps of Microarrays Data Analysis Pipeline with practical.

Syllabus & tools : Participants will learn about the handling of Microarrays Data, from Preprocessing, Gene Selection, Classification to Gene Ontology. The course would be in the form of talks as well as practicals.

Prerequisites: (Preferable but not necessary)

  • Some basics in molecular biology.
  • Some basics in Linux.
  • Some basics in R.

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